Microfiber Duvet Insert Quilted Design Plush 250 GSM Superior fill for Lavish Comfort and warmth including various sizes

Microfiber Duvet Insert – Plain White

From: $55.50

  • Luxury Duvet features Plush 250 GSM Superior Microfiber fill for Lavish Comfort and warmth. 
  • Microfiber Fill gives down like comfort and affection – it is easy to clean and machine washable.
  • Our Duvet’s posh quilted design highlights its rich look with the ultimate feel of relaxation and coziness.
  • Quilted Design and high-quality stitching enhance quality and durability.
  • The soft and fluffy Duvet is a pure delight for a great sleep.
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Product Description

ItemSizeColorBox SizePrice 2020
Duvet Twin Size60×90White6 Pieces$55.50
Duvet Double Size80×90White6 Pieces$61.99
Duvet  Queen Size90×90White6 Pieces$65.49
Duvet  King Size104×90White4 Pieces$84.88

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