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COLOR TOWELS : Available In Hunter Green, Black, Navy Blue, Burgundy, Ivory And Brown Color

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Our Color Towels are made of 100% Cotton Yarn. The high quality Ring Spun Yarn makes these towels soft and absorbent. Our color towels selection include: hand towels, bath towels, face towels, and bathmats. Our luxury towels online give our customer choices to choose various colors such as: Black Hand Towels, Burgundy Towels, Dark Brown Hand Bath Towels, Navy Blue Towels, Ivory Towels, and Huter Green Towels.

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ItemSizeWeightBox SizePrice 2020
Color Towels
Face Towel Royal Brand  Ivory12×12(1lb/dz)25 dozen$6.75
Face Towel Royal Brand  Navy Blue12×12(1lb/dz)25 dozen$6.75
Hand Towel Royal Brand  Ivory16×27(3lb/dz)10 dozen$17.99
Hand Towel Royal Brand  Navy Blue16×27(3lb/dz)10 dozen$17.99
Bath Towel Royal Brand  Ivory26×52(11lb/dz)3 dozen$74.89
Bath Towel Royal Brand (11lb/dz) Navy26×52(11lb/dz)3 dozen$74.89
Bath Mats Color20×30(8lb/dz)4 dozen$76.99

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