Luxury resort soft high end Ring Spun Yarn hotel towels

Luxury Towels

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 86% Cotton 14% Strong and Absorbent Luxury Towels, White Hotel Collection Towels
The Luxury Brand hotel collection luxury towels are made of high-end Ring Spun Yarn and premium weave. They are plush, soft and make you feel great. These are the best quality hotel towels for sale that we have in our towel store. The Hotel Collection includes: Bath Towels, Hand Towels, Face Towels, and Bath Mats.

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ItemSizeWeightBox SizePrice 2020
Face Towel Cashmere Towels12×12(1lb/dz)25 dozen$7.05
Hand Towel Cashmere Towels16×27 (3lb/dz)10 dozen$19.99
Bath Towel Cashmere Towels26×52(11lb /dz)3 dozen$74.99
Face Towel Cashmere Towels13×13(1.5lb/dz)25 dozen$11.89
Hand Towel Cashmere Towels16×30(4lb/dz)10 dozen$29.99
Bath Towel Cashmere Towels27×54 (13lb /dz)3 dozen$88.99
Bath Towel Cashmere Towels27×54(15lb /dz)3 dozen$106.99
Bath Towel Cashmere Towels27×54(17lb /dz)3 dozen$125.59
Bath Mat Cashmere Brand20×30(8lb/dz)4 dozen$57.99
Bath Mat Cashmere Brand20×30(10lb/dz)4 dozen$79.95


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