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Blossom Amenities

Pamper yourself with Blossom Green Tea amenities! Our collection includes gentle soaps for a clean feel, a refreshing shower gel, and a nourishing shampoo and conditioner combo to leave your hair soft and fragrant. Enjoy the soothing benefits of green tea in your daily routine.

Guest Amenities

Hotel amenities provide guests with the comfort and convenience they need during their stays. As the leading bulk hotel amenities supplier, Linen Mart understands that significance and thus sources products from top-of-line manufacturers and brands to accommodate Hotels, Motels, Motor courts, and other businesses In the Canadian Hospitality Industry. 

Shower Curtains

Linen Mart specializes in selling high-quality shower curtains and Shower Liners in Canada and supplies to branded hotels, institutions, and organizations. We design and brand our products for quality, consistency, and durability. Our product range includes both hook and hookless shower options, featuring stylish striped designs available in both classic white and elegant ivory colours. 

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