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Discover our exclusive collection and find the perfect pillow for your guest's quality sleep. Shop now and add extra comfort for a better night's rest!

Hotel Blankets

Our extensive collection of hotel blankets is there to provide your guests with a comfortable and enjoyable experience. With a range of styles and materials to choose from, you can find the perfect blankets to suit your guest’s needs. Whether they prefer soft and cozy fleece, flannel or lightweight Vellux blankets, our blankets would provide a great night's sleep. 

Pillow & Pillow Protectors 

We hold an extensive range of pillows and pillow protectors. From Premium Polyester Pillows  and Microfiber Pillows to regular white pillows, we have everything covered for you. Our quality regular and waterproof pillow protectors will cover your pillows and protect them from dust mites, allergens, and other potential irritants. 

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